Top 5 Places To Visit For Autumn/Winter City Breaks.

  Top 5 Places To Visit For Autumn/Winter City Breaks 5. York, UK York is home to its shambles that are widely recognised as the inspiration to Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. Its cathedral and Christmas markets make for great viewing in these colder months. 4. Kiev, Ukraine Often popular in summer months, an alternative and I believe better time to visit is in the autumn when it's a lot quieter and the natural beauty of its public parks shines through. 3. Hamburg, Germany This city is famous for its harbour area and being a huge multicultural hub. Visiting during the colder months allows access to skiing on the rivers, visiting famous markets and taking in the beauty of Northern Germany. 2. Tallinn, Estonia Estonia is not one of the most popular European destinations but is rising rapidly and with good reason. The Baltic country is just a ferry ride away from hugely popular Helsinki 🇫🇮 but will be a lot less busier and a lot more cheaper to visit. Its Old Town which is a UNESCO